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Q: What is the building limit in minecraft?
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How many layers deep is minecraft?

From the bottom-most layer of bedrock to the building height limit is 256 blocks (layers).

What is the Minecraft per height limit?

Very insteresting. Maybe somewhat a hundred, probably? Just until you reach the clouds, you found the limit.

How old do you have to be to play Minecraft?

Minecraft has no age limit.

How many Minecraft maps can you get?

There is no limit.

Which age limit is it on minecraft?

There is no age limit, as long as you buy an account you have one.

How many accounts can you have on minecraft for xbox360?

There is no limit.

What is the most popular building game in the world?

MINECRAFT or Roblox are both building games.... i recommend minecraft more tho...

Can you save a building you have made in minecraft?


What is better Roblox or Minecraft?

Roblox Is way better because you have a goal in roblox, to play every game! :D ...But in minecraft in the other hand has no goal and the limit is your fcking imagination which is a piece of sht.

What is a building block?

Smooth stone (minecraft)

Is Minecraft healthy?

It depends. All electronics can be misused. Minecraft can be unhealthy if that's all you do. Just limit your time on it.

What happens when your minecraft bandwidth limit exeeds?

It'll probably crash.