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There isn't one. It is basicly what kind of deck you are comfartable with. Though that there are some kinds of deck that are consider as the "stronger" kind of card such as BF, lightsworn, or the frog deck.

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Q: What is the best yu-gi-oh deck in the world?
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What is the best e-hero deck you can use in the2013 Yugioh world championship?

bubble beat

What is the best deck for Yugioh 5ds stardust accelerator?


What deck won the Yugioh World Championship 2002?

Most likely a vanilla beatdown deck

What is a good type of Yugioh deck to have a big koala in?

The best deck for this card would most likely be a beast or an EARTH deck.

Who is the best Yugioh player?

The best Yu-gi-oh player is Yugi because he started and has the best deck!

Is their away to only have the forbidden one in your deck on Yugioh world championship 2008?

no you are not even allowed them in your deck in the first place

What is the best deck for beating kagemaru in yugioh gx spirit caller?

The best deck to stop kagemaru is one that does damage to him when he use's any of the three decks.

What deck can easily beat blowback dragon in Yugioh world championship 2008?

If you have a deck that needs monsters sent to the graveyard like a lightsworn deck, then you might win.

How do you get the field spell zombie world in Yugioh 5ds?

The card "Zombie World" is only available in the Zombie World structure deck.

What do you think of my yu-gi-oh deck?

Well what is your yugioh deck?

What is the best Yugioh dinosaur deck you can make i have a fairly decent one but i it to be better and i dont care about baned cards?

Dino rabbit look it up. It is the best deck right now.

Rules of yugioh?

Go to to learn the rules. You can also get a rulebook in each structure deck and a "beginner's guide" in each starter deck.