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rampordos is extremly good as it can learn flamethrower as well as head smash. never use against water types tho

ramporodos is good but the best is probably probopass its the evolution of nosepass and it is also part steel and learns better moves than most others

rhyperior is the best as it is very powerful with good defence and high hp, also solid rock makes it very formidable

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Q: What is the best rock type Pokemon in diamond?
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How do you fight elekid in Pokemon diamond?

use a rock type pokemon.

What are the best Pokemon to use in the Pokemon league in diamond?

Your best bet is: A Water type An Ice type A Flying or Fire(or Moltres) A Dark or Ghost type(or Spiritomb) A Grass type A Rock type Hope this helped!

Who is the best rock type Pokemon?

The best Rock Type Pokemon is Golem... I'm just taking a guess because I don't collect Rock Type Pokemon. But Golem CAN learn explosion, the best Pokemon move that does 250.

What level does cranidos evolve at in Pokemon diamond?

Cranidos is a Rock type Pokemon that can be revived from a Skull Fossil in Pokemon Diamond. It will evolve into Rampardos at level 30.30

What is effective to electric type pokemon?

Normal type pokemon are best and rock type pokemon also.Electric attacks against rock type pokemon become ineffective.

What beats snow type Pokemon in diamond?

fire, steel, rock, fighting.

What is the best fire type Pokemon in Pokemon Diamond?

It depends if you have a way you can cheat or not

What are the best basic Pokemon to get on Pokemon Diamond?

it depends on what Pokemon type u want to faint

What is the best dark type team in Pokemon diamond?


How is fighting super effective on rock in Pokemon diamond?

ít's pokemon, there is no explanation for that. just deal with the fact that fighting is super effective against rock type pokemon

How do you defeat eighth gym leader Pokemon diamond?

The 8th Gym Leader has electric type pokemon. Your best bet to defeat him is Ground or Rock pokemon. Electric types are not effective against ground types.

What is the hard stone in Pokemon Crystal?

Pokemon crystal? Pokemon Diamond it's a stone dice that powers up rock type moves.