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Uncut Dragonstone + 3 Runite Bars

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Q: What is the best reward on runescape from a crystal key?
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What is the best thing you can get with a crystal key in runescape?

A Dragonstone + 2 Rune Bars

What do you do with the crystal key in RuneScape?

open the dragon chest in Taverley

What does the crystal key open in RuneScape?

The crystal key opens a chest in a house in Taverley. Each crystal key will always give 1 Dragonstone + 1 minor, less valuable item.

What does the crystal key oin runescape give you?

i think so. he might be that guy who gives u the key in the phinix basement. if not him then NO

Where is the dragon chest in RuneScape?

The chest that contains a Dragonstone is located in Taverly, but you will need a full crystal key to access it.

How do you use the crystal key in runescape?

theirs a house in tavoary, with a chest in it, its one of the long houses, and use your key on it and you get a dragonstone and some other stuff, im lilylily69

When did The Crystal Key happen?

The Crystal Key happened in 2000.

What is the best reward in amorphous plus?

In my opinion the reactive armor... Beside the item that needs a super key...

When was The Crystal Key created?

The Crystal Key was created on 2000-03-30.

How do you make muddy key in RuneScape?

sorry you cant make keys on runescape unless of corse it is the crystsal key.

Were can you find the rusty key to open the chests in the lava maze on runescape?

You go south till you get to the black knights place. Go east and there will be a jail guard. Kill him and pick up the key. Open the door with the person and talk to him. DO NOT ask about a reward, choose the other selection. He will give you the key.

How do you get the key for in the cellar in the bank on RuneScape?

There isn't a key for it unfortunately.