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Mewtwo hands down, possibly mew.

If you are not this good however go north of celadon (nugget bridge) catch an Abra and train it to about level 20 so it evolves into Kadabara. To make it evolve again you need to find a nice friend (who's not a thief! Because some one stole my gengar!Trade it and trade it back, this is because Kadabara evolves in a trade!

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Q: What is the best psychic Pokemon on firered?
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Where is psychic in Pokemon FireRed?

Go to Mr Psychic's house

Where can you get psychic in Pokemon FireRed?

This TM is given by Mr psychic in saffron city his house is to the right from the Pokemon center.

What pokemon can use psychc on Pokemon FireRed?

lots of pokemon can use psychic powers on firered.two of them are abra and ekans.

Pokemon FireRed best move for Mewto?

It's up to you. I taught mine psychic, recover, swift, and flamethrower. I almost beat the elite 4 with this Pokemon alone.

How can you psychic in Pokemon FireRed?

To get the TM psychic go to saffron city and go right from the Pokemon center there will be a house with a mailbox it says MR psychic go inside and talk to him he will give you the TM now teach it to a Pokemon that can learn and there you go you have psychic.

Pokemon FireRed where to find physic?

Certain psychic Pokemon learn the move psychic, but to get the psychic TM you must go to Mr. Psychic's house in Saffron City. His house is on the same block as the PokeCenter, and has a sign next to it.

Where to find a psycic Pokemon at the bigining of firered?

The first Psychic Pokemon you can gain in FireRed is Abra, North of Cerulean, but you can use Butterfree as well which can learn Confusion, Psychic among other moves (Caterpie/Metapod north of Viridian)

Weakness of lapras in Pokemon FireRed?

thunder, grass, rock, fighting and sometimes Psychic.

In FireRed why does a Psychic Girl on Seven Island say 'certain Pokemon are waiting for you'?

Shes talking about the legendary pokemon.

What type of Pokemon beats poisonis Pokemon FireRed?

Ground types and psychic types beat poison types.

How do you get phsyic in Pokemon FireRed?

You can get it from Mr. Psychic. He lives in one of the houses to the south in Saffron City.

Where is the 5 gym leader in Pokemon FireRed?

saffron city (psychic type gym leader)