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1st: Dragonite



-Dragon Claw

-Draco Meteor

Hold: None

2nd: Gallade

-Leaf Blade


-Night Slash

-Shadow Ball or Brick Break

Hold: None

3rd: Electivire

-Focus Blast




Hold: Shell Bell

4th: Magmortar



-Lava Plume

-Flamethrower or Sunny Day

Hold: None

5th: Rhyperior



-Stone Edge


Hold: None

6th: Poliwrath




-Rock Smash

Hold: None


1st: Pikachu

-Volt Tackle

-Iron Tail

-Quick Attack or Agility


Hold: Light Ball

2nd: Snorlax

-Shadow Ball



-Giga Impact

Hold: Leftovers

3rd: Lapras




-Perish Song

Hold: Razor Fang

4th: Charizard



-Dragon Pulse

-Flamethrower pr Blast Burn

Hold: Charcoal

5th: Blastoise

-Focus Blast

-Hydro Cannon


-Flash Cannon

Hold: King's Rock

6th: Venusaur

- Sludge Bomb

- Giga Drain or Sunny Day

- SolarBeam

- Frenzy Plant

Hold: Miracle Seed

-Answer by JGCENA


I think that this answer is pretty relative: it depends about what part of the game you are talking about. Despite that, I think that the best way is to explore some tipes of pokemons that gareteed a better chance of sucess in battle - somehing that we see by seeing the Pokemon's stats, the powers that they can learn an specially theyr type. In the and, I woul suggest to use the max of legendary pokemons that you can find, but paying attention to the other aspects - celebi, for example, is powerfull but its week against many types of Pokemon, so I woul'd recommend to use him.

In the end, I would suggest to use 2 parties: one before Kanto, i.e. to fight the Elite Four, and other for Ash. I woul suggest something like this:


- Feraligatr (as the initial, I think it is the best)

- Lugia (as legendary, one of the most powerfull and the heart of the game)

- Dragonite (very powerful and its dragon)

Others (depend on which you will capture)

- Garchomp

- Metagross

- Salamance

For Ash:

- Feraligatr (as the initial, I think it is the best)

- Lugia (as legendary, one of the most powerfull and the heart of the game)

- Mewtwo (very powerfull and begin already with 70)

- Ho-Oh

And others that you will want (you may use some of the ones that you used against Elite Four, such as Dragonite, but you also can find Mew, Latias, legendary birds and beasts and others which are very powerfull. Slaking is also very powerfull, and the evolution of schyter is very good.

What is really instersting, in the end, is to garantee strong pokemons with the large amount of HM that you will need to travel through the game without having to return to a PokeCenter to catch one (so Feraligatr, for example, already gives Surf, while Lugia Fly, and so on). Hold also this in mind: watch for 1) the base stats of the pokemons, 2) theyr type and what they are weak and strong to and 3) when in the game you will be able to catch them. Go to Bulbapedia for more researches (and pay attention to informations such as these one: ).

- Answer by Momergil

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Q: What is the best party in Pokemon soul silver?
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