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Number 32: Shark Drake, Number 39: Utopia, Gagaga Magician

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Q: What is the best number card on Yu-Gi-Oh zexial?
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Whats the beat card in Yugioh?

The best card in yugioh is the judegement dragon card.

Can a number card only be destroyed by a nother number card in yugioh?

No, this is an anime rule and does not exist in the card game.

What is Ashley Tisdales best Yu-Gi-Oh card?

She doesn't have a Yugioh Card.

What are the bottom left numbers for on a yugioh card?

The first number before the slash is the card number and the number after is the number of cards in the set. (Example 60/75)

in yugioh Can a number card only be destroyed by another number card?

No, this is something that applied to the anime only and is not in any way applicable to the card game.

What Yugioh gba game can you enter the card number and get the card in the game?

spirit cards and reshef of darkness

Yugioh yubel card value?

$2.50 + $0.74 is the value of the Yugioh yubel card plus shipping.

What is the strongest dragon yu gi oh card?

there's no best yugioh card cuz each card is good in its own special way

In Yugioh WC 08 what is the password for Phantom of Chaos?

The card number for "Phantom of Chaos" is 30312361.

Tell me some card codes on yugioh and the The Sacred Cards please?

tell me ya mams number first

What is the material of Yugioh cards?

a card and a picture

Is there a 100th xyz number Yu-Gi-Oh card?

no, the numbers only go up to 99. it said so in Yugioh Zexal. You can watch Yugioh Zexal on Saturday mornings on the cw4kids at 9 am.