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Sara sword ^^ i gotted one

i dont know what the best item is but this is a lie you cant get sara sword on runescape to my knowlage you can only get the sara armour but it may be a members only item as i am only a free player

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Q: What is the best item you can get in a mystery box in runescape?
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What is in the mystery box?

anything can be in the mystery box. that is why it is called the mystery box

What is the best thing to do go to mystery box or by a wall gun in black ops?

MYSTERY BOX well at first buy a wall gun

From where do you get a mystery box in ourworld?

you have to go to any store and buy it with the gems you do't know what the item is until you buy it

What is in the box?

anything can be in the mystery box. that is why it is called the mystery box

What is in the mystery box on runescape?

The mystery box is for the people who don't know what to get. They give you random things I don't recommend this for anyone because they will give the most crappiest things that even a newcomer can get like sometimes they give you 12 logs or such things. Hope that helped!

What is the best airsoft mystery box?

airsplat's fn summer edition

What is the best item a free player can get in a mystery box in runescape?

List of possible rewards (Most valuable to least valuable) for F2p players and their market prices (as of 24th July 2009):Value in gold - Item name7202 - Cut Diamond4740 - Nature Rune x201560 - Mithril 2h Sword1507 - Uncut Emerald1304 - Steel Platebody535 - Mithril Scimitar500 - Coins x500118 - Raw Tuna31 - Leather Boots18 - Onion12 - Bucket9 - Body Rune x14 - Cabbage4 - Ashesn/a - Fliern/a - Old BootTertiary source: Runescape Wiki -

Equipping things bought from the great exchange in runescape?

Items bought from the grand exchange will either be noted, or in a box will the full set of the armor you have bought if the item is noted this is simply solved by putting the item into your bank, and withdrawing it again. if the item is in a box, you must first talk to one of the grand exchange people and exchange your box with your items in for the actual items, you then will be able to equip any item.

Does cod black ops on wii has a mystery box?

Yes, there is a mystery box.

Were is the famas gun on the zombie level kino please I need help?

It is only found in the Mystery Box. It cannot be found on the wall like some of the other guns. The best guns are generally found in Mystery Box.

Is there a mystery box on five?

No? What are you on about?

How do you get MG42 in nazi zombies every time?

There is no sure-fire way to get the MG42, but your best shot is with the mystery box.