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Well, I suppose it depends on type of 'racing' you like really. Some people are big fans of realistic race simulations, others are only interested in arcade style racers.

If you like general realism, but a mixture of circuit and off road racing, you'd be hard pressed to beat CM Dirt & Dirt 2. It keeps a nice balance.

I really liked the Grand Turismo line of games on PS2, so if you don't have any intention of getting a PS3 to play GT5 when it hits the shelves, you may want to consider Xbox 360's equivalent - Forza 3.

Forza 2 is a solid feeling, race simulator - with everything nicely modelled. You can pick it up really cheap in stores if you can't wait for Forza 3!!

Pure is a good fun 'arcadey' off road, big-air game. I have only ever played a demo of it, but my kids really like it.

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Q: What is the best driving game for xbox 360?
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