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ur best bet would be at least 47-50 but i did it at lvl 37 cause i got rich and bought full rune and full shark but it depends on ur stats

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Q: What is the best combat level to kill elvarg?
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If you are level 71 are you able to easily kill Elvarg in Dragon Slayer?

Providing you have brought and anti-dragon shield that you must obtain as part of the quest, then a level 71 should have no bother killing Elvarg if they bring decent food.

Do you have to kill a lesser demon on dragon slayer in runescape?

erm your supposed to kill Elvarg which is lvl 80+, close to a lesser demon which is also about the same level In melzars maze you have to kill a lesser demon to open a door for a map piece.

What level do you have to be to defeat elvrag?

assuming you are talking about elvarg...the dragon from the runescape quest ''dragon slayer''.....its rather easy and if u have the skill you can beat it with a lv3.....i myself was around lv50 when i defeated it with melee.....elvarg is perhaps the easiest dragon to kill in runescape...bring food and an anti-dragon shield....hope this helped

What should you train on if you have a combat level of 60 in Runescape?

You could kill Deadly Red Spiders, go to the 2nd level in the stronghold of security and kill zombies.

Which melee weapon is the best to kill elvarg?

Best equipment is- rune legs + rune scimitar + dragon shield + rune full helm + admant plate body ( rune chain body may work too if only you are not using mage or ranging ) . I kiled with this equipment at the level 45!!!. with anly tunas not lobys.

Easy defence leveling in runescape for non members?

The only best way to raise a combat stat is to kill Lesser Demons at Karambja Volcano. They are level 82.

What is the best enemy for a level 72 in combat fight an runescape?

You can go into the wilderness and fight dragons, don't forget the dragon-fire shield, but be careful of revenants they can still kill you easy.

Can combat level 70 kill a green dragon in runescape?

You could depending on what specific skills you have trained.

Can a player with the combat level of 66 kill a Mithril Dragon?

only if you were a defense pure and were super rich

Is it possible to kill elvarg in dragon slayer by ranging it in runescape?

Well, Elvarg is dangerous, and if you have the courage to us range, then you should use a crossbow and make sure that you're good at range. I suggest level 60 range or higher at least. You can only use a crossbow because you can't hold an anti-dragon breath shield with a regular bow. Have good Defense,t hough.

If your combat level is around 30 to 40 what kind of creatures can you kill that can help get your level up in runescape?

Hill Giants will be best for you to train on, they drop big bones, collect those to earn a bit of cash whilst training.

Can non members kill dragons in runescape?

yes, but only one and that's Elvarg from dragon slayer other than that nope