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Google Chrome as it is the fastest and the most stable browser currently.

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Q: What is the best browser to use for online games?
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Where can you play free online games in browser games?

You can play free online in browser games at many website just google them but i use a website called =]

Is there a Naruto game for windows?

Nope. But you could use your browser and play online Naruto games like or UzumakiOnline

Which browser is best to use?

I personally use Maxthon. But, there is no "best browser". There are some browsers that are completely abysmal, but that is a matter of opinion. You should do some research and choose the browser that best suits you.

Why your internet gets affected when you play online games on your desktop?

Online games use the Internet. They have to load different things as you play, so they aren't like the games that you can download and play completely offline. Most of them are built to use that connectivity, and since you are using a browser or website to play, you are using the Internet just by being online.

What program does AQWorlds use?

it is a browser based online game

Internet for PS3?

Yes, there is a web browser that you can use on your television (not as good as computer browser) and you can download demos, videos, entire games, wallpapers, etc from the online Sony Store directly conected to the PS3 main menu.

Where do you get a browser?

A browser is generally provided with your operating system, whether it be Internet Explorer or Opera or Firefox. You can then use the browser to find the other browsers online to download, install, and use instead.

How do you fill in online forms?

You can fill in online forms by simply clicking a button. If you use the Mozilla browser, you can use the built-in form manager. If you use the Internet Explorer, you can use IE Autocomplete. The best advice is to read the forms carefully and fill in relevant details accurately.

How do you use the word browser in a sentence?

I opened my web browser to search for information online.

What does online mean?

To be online means to be on the internet. For instance, you need to be online before you can use via the internet through your web-browser of choice.

What is best web browser to use when tethering to cell phone?


Can Safari be deleted from a MacBook Air?

Safari is deletable, if you have administrator privileges. It is best if you don't. If you want to use another browser, then just use the other browser. Then use Safari as a backup.