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if you have a good bow you don't need armor

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Q: What is the best armor for an archer in fate?
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What is the best gear in fate?

The best gear in fate is the Legendary Elphame armor. The best weapon for the online game is the Legendary Elphame sword.

Best armor in fate undiscovered realms?

full plate armour

What is the best armor set in fate undiscovered realms?

The strongest legendary is armor is obviously a legendary full plate. Chaya Later!

Runescape is full green dragon hide whit gold best range and melee armor?

Well if your refering to the green dragon hide (gold trimmed) it doesnt matter its still the best archer armor u can get in F2p.

Best armor in fate?

The best armor in fate is a Full plate, The strongest legendary is armor is obviously a legendary full plate best armor artifact is the Legendary Enduring victory if you want a total list of artifacts open a new window or tab and copy the following URL and paste it in the long bar at the top of the new window or tab: . I have more info but it`s a Secret!It is probably barrows armour. As it is fairly 5 to 6 mill, it is worth the money... as this is cheaper than dragon and has better stats

Is there any unique back armor for fate traitor soul?


What is the best fish in game fate?

Flawless Ruffy/Flawless luminette, although it is a matter of opinion, and your style of gameplay. This applies to armor weapons and spells as well.

Is there elphame body armor for fate?

Yes if u know cheats just type elphame armor and it should pop up

Who puts on Achilles' armor and what happens to him?

Patroclus, Achilles best friend, puts on his armor to put fear into the hearts of many Trojans. Patroclus killed many brave men such as Sarpedon, son of Zeus, but his fate was to die by the sword of Hector.

What is the best armor in fuedalism 2?

the best armor in Feudalism2 is the Infernal armor (in Grobben).

After hector steals achilles armor what is zeus tone in considering hectors fate?

Zeus tone was one of castigation after Hector steals Achilles armor

What is the best armor on minecraft with the divine rpg mod?

The best armor in that mod is Halite armor.