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It all depends on your play style and prefrences.

In my opinion:

If you like automatic, F2000 or AK-47.

Sniper wise, Intervention.

Those are really the only three primary weapons I use.

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Q: What is the best Weapon in Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer?
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What COD modern warfare 2 weapon is the best?

none of them

What is the best weapon in Call of Duty Modern Warfare?

well for me its a mp7 but you can choose any weapon that you like

What is the best heavy weapon in modern warfare 2?

The RPG 7,or the Javelin

Best experience in modern warfare 2?

Online/Multiplayer. Throwing knife kills have to be the best experience especially good ones.

What is the best weapon combination in modern warfare 2?

Good aim / good connection Weapon doesn't matter, hitting your target does.

How do you become a master on Modern Warfare 2 on Multiplayer?

Listen for the foot steps of enemy's, use the perks that you think are the best, use either a assault rifle or SMG for the primary weapon. Use a shotgun or machine pistol for secondary.

What the best online multiplayer game?

you have to pay for wow.... Try wolfteam an uber online multiplayer game made by softynx copied by modern warfare and counter strike! AND ITS FREE

What is the most powerful weapon in Modern Warfare 2?

There is no one best gun, but the one with the largest explosion is the RPG if you are looking for something like that

World at war or modern warfare 2?

Assasims Creed 2 has to do alot with stealth and blending in with the crowd, but Modern Warfare 2 picks up 5 years after Modern Warfare 1, plus alot of cool weapons and the best multiplayer ever. So if I had to choose Modern Warfare 2 is the best way to go.

Can you censor modern warfare 2?

modern warfare is the best, why would you want to ?

What is the best modern warfare 2 game?

Huh? Modern Warfare 2 is a game, not a category.

What is the best weapon for modern warfare 3?

In my opinion, the best weapon in MW3 is the ACR 6.8 because of its high damage, fire rate, and accuracy. Second best would be the Mk14 because it is a single shot and has basically full damage, accuracy, and range.