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i depends what moves you teach which Pokemon, but i would recommend a kyogre with surf, hydro pump, water spout and dive. i repeatedly won the master rank with it.

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Q: What is the best Ruby contest Pokemon?
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How do you get 5 hearts in a Pokemon contest in Pokemon ruby?

have alot of luck

How do you enter the Pokemon contest in Pokemon ruby?

All you have to do is talk to the lady in the front enter a contest with one of your poke'mon! :)

Where is the super rank Pokemon contest?

in fallarbor town but in Pokemon ruby and Sapphire

How do you use the pokeblocks on Pokemon Ruby?

give it to your pokemon, it will raise its Contest condition.

Pokemon Ruby where do you get a contest pass?

In the contest hall in Slateport City(Ask Mr.Briney to bring you there.)

Where do you get a contest pass in Pokemon Ruby?

Pokémon Ruby/SapphireThis item can be found in Verdanturf Town, at the Contest Hall.

Where is the first Pokemon contest in Pokemon ruby?

first, you have to get the contest pass, which i think is in fallarbor town, but save, then go there, just in case it isn't there. so i think that is the first contest.:)

How do you get pokeblock case in pokemon ruby?

A little girl will give it to you in the slateport pokemon contest room

How do you get pokeblox on Pokemon ruby?

by getting berries and going to contest halls to blend them.

How do you win master rank in ruby?

Feed best pokeblocks to your pokemon, Teach best moves for the contest your entering and just use the right moves at the right time.

Where do you change the name of your Pokemon in Pokemon ruby?

SLATEPORT CITY.Kimm57:Go to Slateport City, then go southwest of the Pokemon contest

How do you get a painting in the art muesum in Pokemon ruby?

you have to win a contest throughout each building.