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Slight of Hand Pro: So you can aim down fast and shoot

Stoping Power Pro: So you do extra damage

Sit Rep Pro: So you know where the enemies are and hear them coming louder

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Q: What is the best MW2 perk to put on a sniper?
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How do you get infinite noob tubes on mw2?

There is no actual way to get infinate Grenade Launchers but the best way is the get an assult rifle with a larger mag, so you don't run out quick. Then put the perk, Scavenger on. And have your secondary gun as The Thumper.

MW2 how do you use the scavenger perk?

Its a very easy perk to use, Once you've put it on you should notice alot of small blue backpacks near dead enemies. All you have to do in run ontop of one of these and you will instantly get more ammo.

What is the best things to put on an aug hbar mw2?

foregrip only

Can you put MW2 on your psp?

no you can't

What is the mw3 gun?

The best mw3 gun is the L118A but that's because I like sniping.Or if you put the first one on perk 2 its the best quickscoping gun

How do you put your hands up on MW2 campaign?

You can't.

How do you design an awesome sniper rifle in Call of Duty Black Ops?

Set it how you want to be. Buy the best one and put a quality scope on it. Maybe put a longer magazine on it. Once you have good strength on it like that, put your emblem and some cool camo on it for style. Now you have an awesome sniper.

What are the Best attatchments to put on your intervention sniper in modernwarfare 2?

thermal sight and silencer that's my fav or if you move then heart beat.

Can you put a sniper scope on a beretta storm?


What website can you download god mode on mw2 on ps3?

go to insert a usb port save one onto the port put it in you game system go to you mw2 data save it onto the mw2 data and go on mw2 and it should work. ( ):)

Can you burn a mw2 hack onto a disc then put it in your ps3?

No you only can put it on a usb stick

Why does the man from The Sniper put out his cigarette?

it made him a target