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the ball at the end of Santa's hat is a pompom

-hope this helps

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Q: What is the ball at the end of Santa's hat?
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What colours Santas hat?

The santa hat is red in the middle, with a white pom-pom and white around the bottom.

When can ant hat ball?

what do you mean by When can ant hat ball!?

What fabric is santas hat made of?

umm probably cloth and silk like the ones at the stores

Does a 92 camaro rs have two fuse boxs?

Eat santas ball sack

What is the detective hat clothing machine recipe?

It is the tan pants suit, red ball hat, and the blue ball hat! Hope this helped!!!!!

How do you beat level 20 on factory balls 2?

put the ball in black then put the hat on then put yellow then take hat off then put the ball in the arrow 3 times then put hat put the ball in yellow then take hat off and put ball in yellow once

What can you wear to make a elf costume?

Green clothing, hat with a cotton ball on the end, pointy shoes, and slouch to look shorter.

What does Santa hat look like?

Santa Claus has a hat, a red sort of pajama hat.

How do you beat factory ball 2 level 20?

you turn the ball yellowput the hat on and turn it blacktake the hat offrotate itput the hat back inturn it yellowrotate once more

What color is Link's hat?

Link has a dark green hat that resembles a santa hat, but green and without the ball at the top.

How do you beat factory balls 2 level 25?

Dip it in green, then put a hat on it, dip it in yellow. Then, you need to repeat the following process until one eighth is yellow, and one eighth is green: put on a hat, dip in orange, take off hat, turn around. Then you turn around more.

What is santas number on nabooti island?

When you have the cell phone on Nabooti Island, dial 1225 and you will get a removable ELF hat and a bag of toys. (see related question)