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any where from 15-40 dollars. some games may be a bit less or a bit more depending on the store.

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Q: What is the average price for used DS games?
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Where can a DS console be bought for a good price?

A DS console can be purchased for a good price at Walmart. Another good place to look is at a used games store such as EB Games. The DS console might be used but you can buy a warranty.

Where can you get a Nintendo DS for the lowest price?

Go to a garage sale, or better get a used one at EB games, or GameStop

What should you get the ds or Wii?

Well, if you want a portable game system, you should get the DS and if you want a game system where you can play it with friends & family you should get the Wii. The average price for a DS game is $19.99-$30.99, and an average Wii game price is $40.99-$50.99. But I would suggest the Wii because its like you get to move the remote around instead of clicking random buttons. A average price for the DS is $130.99, and a average price for the Wii is $199.99.

Can you trade in your DS games in for new ones?

yes you can trade in your ds games for new ones as long as that they are at the same price and from the same seller.

What can you sell a used Nintendo ds lite games for?

It depends on how much the original price it is/how much it is now, but around $10-$15.

Can Nintendo DS games be used in a wii?

no you can only use Nintendo games on Nintendo ds/Nintendo ds lite.

What is the cheapest price for a nintendos ds game?

The average price for a DS game usually ranges from $20.00 to $45.00. but I have found that you can get them on shopzilla for as low 4.00! (And lower) 0_0

What is the r4 ds used for?

An R4 is used to store DS games you download off the Internet so you don't have to buy DS games anymore you just download them

How many ds games does it take to get a PC game in game stop?

It all depends on the price and popularity of the PC game and how much the ds games are worth.

What is the average price of a Nintendo Ds Lite case?

The average retail price of a Nintendo Ds Lite is around $100.00 dollars. Sometimes you can find one cheaper on Ebay or Amazon. You can get a refurbished one from Game Stop for around $80.00.

What was the Nintendo DS used for?

playing games

How much does one save by using Nintendo DS bundles?

The savings for a Nintendo DS bundle varies depending on the bundle and the games contained inside of it. For a definitive answer, one must compare the price of standalone games to the price of the bundle to determine savings.