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srry but you need a code and i dont know the code but if i find it out ill tell it to u :)

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Q: What is the ar code to catch a Diagla in Pokemon pearl?
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What is the best Pokemon Pearl code?

the wild Pokemon modifier code. you can catch an Pokemon with it.

How do you get diagla if you have pearl?

There is no legit way to get Diagla in poke mon pearl. That is why they separated the games diamond and pearl. One is for obtaining Palkia and The other is for Diagla. However you can buy action replay ( a r ) and enter a CHEAT CODE to get Diagla... and mony other poke mon.

What is the action replay code catch any Pokemon for Pokemon pearl version?

there is no code you have to buy it

Pokemon pearl action replay catch all Pokemon?

yes there is a code

Code to catch Pokemon at level 99 on Pokemon pearl?

999999 9999999

How do you get diagla in pearl?

you cant get him unless you use code or trade with diamond.

What is the ar code for Pokemon pearl to catch trainer Pokemon?

The code is:9223B5FA 000021011223B5FA 00002100D2000000 00000000

What is the ar code for getting and keeping shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Pearl?

you don't need a ar code to catch and keep shiny Pokemon in Pokemon pearl all you need to do is find the shiny Pokemon you want and catch it and unless you release it you keep it.

What if i already batteled diagla on Pokemon diamond and i didn't catch him can i find him again?

only if you buy an action replay and get the wild Pokemon modifier code... sorry- i used a master ball :(

Where can you catch spirittomb in Pokemon Platinum?

You can't catch Spirittomb in Pokemon Diamond Pearl and Platinum. Unless you have a Action Replay Code to catch trainners pokemon, you can catch it from one of the elite four

Is there a code for action replay ds Pokemon pearl that gives you the orb that goes to Dialga?

no you can`t catch dialga in Pokemon pearl you have to trade for him on the gts

What is the action replay code to catch prime Dialga in Pokemon pearl version only pearl?

you cannot catch prime Dialga, only normal Dialga!