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Right click and use the menu as a bridge across the pink gap.

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Q: What is the anwser to number 40 in the impossible quiz?
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In the impossible quiz what is the answer to number 40?

Right click and cross over

What is the answer to number 40 in the impossible quiz?

click the left clicker on the mouse and dont let go it works on all of those types of questions dont do it on the second impossible quiz 2

What is number 40 for the immpossible quiz?

keep finger on mouse button if u need more answers type in impossible quiz anwers on google

How do you get past 40 on the impossible quiz?

you put the arrow on the place where it tells you to. press and hold left-click and move to the other button. release left-click and click on the next button

How many points taken off for each question on a 40 question quiz?

It depends on the quiz.

How do you do number 40 on the impossible quiz?

You click and hold down go then go over and click to go to the next question

What is the percent of 28 out of 40?

Since the quiz/test (or whatever it may be) is out of '40' we know that 40 out of 40 is 100%, or the full marks. Now, since we know that, we can divide 28 by 40. 28/40 = 0.7 After, we take this number and multiply it by 100 to make it equal to the percentage.. 0.7 x 100 = 70 So, 28 out of 40 is equal to 70%

What is the smallest horse in Howrse Quiz?

About what size was the smallest horse in hands?40 cm

How do you answer question 40 on the impossible quiz?

well to honest i thought it was pretty obvious. You just right click and the little window thing that appears acts like a bridge (just like the clue says). For any other questions just look at the video on youtube.

What is the value of a 40-44 model 1873 serial number 220347B?

Impossible to answer without knowing who made it and a detailed description of every aspect of the weapon

What is 40 percent of a number?

40% of a number= 40% * the number= 0.40 * the number= 0.40 of a number

When taking a quiz of 15 questions what is your percentage if six answers are incorrect?

6 ÷ 15 = .4 .4 x 100 = 40% 40% is a failing grade.