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Daily Jumble 10/26/14:

Clue: After the student disrupted the class, the teacher...

Answer: TAUGHT HIM A LESSON (inhale, stereo, sleigh, meekly, grouch, abrupt)

Clue: How the crying infant left the baby sitter...

Answer: RATTLED (habit, daily, tamper, bolero)

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Q: What is the answer to today's that scrambled word game?
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What is the answer to the jumble scrambled word game for gunjel?

Jungle is the word.

The SF Chronicle has a word game where all the letters are scrambled up and you have to figure out what the word is. Imagine that a scrambled word is 5 characters long How many possible solutions are?

horseisle answer: snuggle -Saddle, Palomino server =]

What is the difference between an anagram and a scrambled word?

An anagram is what you make from a scrambled word.

What is the answer to jumble scrambled word game for 3-24-2011?

Inept, album, savage, vortex; answer stale mate.

What is this scrambled word onycol''?

The word is colony.

What word can be scrambled into 'fithes'?

The word is fetish.

What is this scrambled word wafull?

The word is lawful.

What is the scrambled word of taroa?

The word is aorta.

What is a sentence using the word scrambled?

the boy scrambled accross the finish linne

What is the answer to jumble scrambled word game for 1-2-2011?

The shoplifter was caught because he had a BAD "TAKE-NIQUE" .... groan .....

What is GESG in word teasers?

Scrambled Eggs

What does the scrambled word kobor spell?

That word is brook.