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word of the year

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Q: What is the answer to the puzzle word yyyy?
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What is the burmese word for Puzzle?

The word for puzzle is "pahei" (pəhèi) (n) -- puzzle; riddle

What is the date 1000 days after March 29?

If starting from March 29, yyyy, 1000 days later is December 23, yyyy+2 if yyyy is the first or second year before a leap year; otherwise it's December 24, yyyy+2.

Form of word puzzle starting with acro?

Acronym is a form of word puzzle.

What is the afrikaans word for puzzle?

Raaisel (word puzzle) or Legkaart(pieces that fit together)

Where did the word puzzle come from?

The word puzzle came from: i don't know! hehehe! :-D

When did Word Puzzle - video game - happen?

Word Puzzle - video game - happened in 360.

A hard word puzzle using syllables?

There are a great many number of hard word puzzles that use syllables. One puzzle that does his is a crossword puzzle.

What is a word means to puzzle which starts with ba?

Bamboozle is a synonym for "to puzzle."

What is a word puzzle in which a checkered square is to be filled with words?

a crossword puzzle

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To, Date:Place:The Manager,XXX Bank,Chennai - 600 041.From,ABC,Manikonda,Hyderabad - 500 032.Sub: Re-issue of Credit CardDear sir/Madam,I am ABC, a customer of XXXX Bank.I have a XXXX gold credit card(Card No.: YYYY YYYY YYYY YYYY) and i blocked it on 02-06-2013 due some unwanted deduction of amount for online shopping.Please find the below details in reference for the blocked credit cardCard No.: YYYY YYYY YYYY YYYYReference No.: The bank provide a Ref No. when you block the card.So kindly do the needful for re-issuing me a new credit card.Thank YouYour Address:Yours SincerelyABC

When was Word Puzzle - video game - created?

Word Puzzle - video game - was created on 2007-11-07.

How do you format dates?

Depends on the locale. In Denmark it is: DD-MM-YYYY Like: 15-01-2008 Or: DD. MMMM YYYY Like: 15. January 2008 -------------- Just noticed it was in databases: MySQL use: YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS