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clue: The scarecrow didn't have a brain, and as a result was...

answer: ABSENT-MINDED (annul, derby, sludge, impact)

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Q: What is the answer to the Jumble puzzle in Detroit Free Press Feb. 6th 2015?
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What is the answer to Jumble puzzle jumble Detroit Free Press May 8 2015?

The evil witch needed more info about a sinister brew, so she looked it up on... Answer: "WICKED-PEDIA" (giddy, whisk, career, impair)

What is the answer to the Jumble puzzle February 24 2015?

Daily Jumble 2/24/15:The arm wrestling match was about to...Answer: GET OUT OF HAND (forgo, doubt, eighty, catnip)

What is the answer to the Jumble puzzle Toronto star for February 23 2015?

clue: With the weekend over, the Jumble creators started working on...Answer: "PUNDAY" MORNING (bunny, panda, dugout, admire)

What is the answer to Jumble puzzle February 2 2015?

clue: When he put on his grandfather's hat, he was...answer: "FEDORABLE" (handy, floss, broken, archer)

May 22 2015 answer to Daily Jumble puzzle?

Daily Jumble 5/22/15:After a competing lemonade seller moved in next to her, she was...Answer: STANDOFFISH (foamy, swish, fondue, divert)

What is the answer word to the Jumble puzzle for June 3 2015?

Daily Jumble 6/3/15:The hospital's new surgery center was in...Answer: FULL OPERATION (piano, token, people, frugal)

What is the solution to the September 18 2015 Jumble Puzzle?

Daily Jumble 9/18/15: After a tiger escaped from the zoo, there would be this until there was this. Answer: APPREHENSION (pansy, shiny, wetter, pagoda)

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Daily Jumble 11/18/15:Napping came so naturally for him, he could do it with...Answer: HIS EYES CLOSED (youth, dicey, spiral, seesaw)

What is the answer to the Jumble puzzle for November 16 2015?

Daily Jumble 11/16/15:How the teenager killed time while the internet was down.Answer: "DAYSTREAMING" (trend, grind, mayhem, access)

What is the answer to the 02-27-2015 Jumble puzzle?

Dracula's image was on the decline, so he decided to...Answer: REVAMP IT (vital, mambo, parity, topple)

What is the answer to the Jumble puzzle in the newspaper for July 11 2015?

Daily Jumble 7/11/15:Going through the gift shop at the museum was a...Answer: PACKAGE TOUR (koala, pilot, grouch, holler)

What is the answer for the Jumble puzzle for August 1 2015?

Daily Jumble 8/1/15:She just couldn't decide if she was going to do the laundry, she was being...Answer: WISHY-WASHY (shove, swift, highly, anyhow)