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Daily Jumble 4/14/17:

After escaping his "Underwater Cell", Houdini couldn't...


Clue words: minus, snowy, flinch, packet

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Q: What is the answer to the 4 14 17 Jumble?
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What is April 17 2017 Jumble answer?

Daily Jumble 4/17/17:The tennis players stopped playing when...Answer: LUNCH WAS SERVEDClue words: needy, slush, drowsy, canvas

What is the answer for That Scrambled Word Game by David Hoyt and Jeff Knurek on 04-14-17?

Daily Jumble 4/14/17:After escaping his "Underwater Cell", Houdini couldn't...Answer: CONTAIN HIMSELFclue words: minus, snowy, flinch, packet

What is the answer for the scrambled word by david l hoyt on April 17 2014?

Daily Jumble 4/17/14: When the pioneers learned that their homestead was a swamp, the news was... answer: UNSETTLING (slant, input, fondue, magnet)

What was answer to Jumble puzzle on on Feb. 14 2017?

Daily Jumble 2/14/17:When the pianist began the song by playing three notes together, he...Answer: STRUCK A CHORDClue words: whisk, doubt, accrue, chorus

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Daily Jumble 4/29/17:The rhyming sheriff specialized in...Answer: POETIC JUSTICEClue words: joint, cynic, spruce, mutter

What is the answer to the word Jumble puzzle March 4 2014?

Daily Jumble 3/14/14:The pizza parlor's approach to getting customers to make a purchase was...answer: "BUY" THE SLICE (youth, impel, abacus, decade)

What is April 20 2017 jumble answer?

Daily Jumble 4/20/17:They worked on the song separately and then...Clue words: crown, topaz, exceed, skimpyAnswer: COMPARED NOTES

What is the answer to the Jumble puzzle August 4 2017?

Daily Jumble 8/4/17:He lost after going "all in" and had to give his wife the...Clue words: swift, shift, advent, brazenAnswer: FIRST-HAND NEWS

What is the answer to the Daily Jumble for March 4 2017?

Daily Jumble 3/4/17: It only took about 50 years to go from the Wright brothers to the 707. ---Answer: TIME WAS FLYINGClue words: shyly, fling, mosaic, weight

Jumble answer for 04062017?

Daily Jumble 4/6/17: The shoe store went out of business because not enough people... Answer: SET FOOT IN ITClue words: fatty, icing, studio, bounce

What is April 7 2014 Daily News Jumble answer?

Daily Jumble 4/7/14 The student forgot to go to school because he was... answer: ABSENT-MINDED (sniff, agent, divide, bottom)

What is the Daily Jumble answer for April 22 2017?

Daily Jumble 4/22/17:When children played with their new Slinky toys in April of 1946, it was...Answer: SPRINGTIMEclue words: grunt, messy, tricky, impede