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Q: What is the answer to daily telegraph Brain games crossword April 28 photo ID picture?
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H - shaped fissure of the brain?

orbital Sulci The answer is Zygon This was the answer being looked for in the Daily Telegraph GK Crossword # 920

What does brain waves mean?

In a crossword puzzle, "brain waves" are "ideas."

How can you keep your brain fit?

Doing Crossword puzzles.

What materials were used to invent the telegraph?

The human brain.

Are crossword puzzles good for everyone's brain?

Any puzzles are good for people's brains. The practice and stimulation keep your brain "in shape." Crossword puzzles are visual and vocabulary based, using lots of different abilities.

What songs contain the word brain?

-Use use use your brain -Brain of Mine -The Dendrite Song -Because I Have A Brain -Brain Rap -Telegraph Line -I've Been Working On my Neurons

Brainy one two words crossword puzzle?

This happens to brain tissue that doesn't receive blood

Why does your mind see optical illusions?

you have to process the picture in you brain to see what it is:)Its actually your brain that causes you to suffer optical illusion. Every image (color, shapes,objects) that your eyes see are processed in your brain before they are reflected back to your vision so it would be brain to eyes as opposed to eyes to brain process.

Where it lives rhymes with brain?

Interesting question. Something could live in a train, or in Spain. I would guess Spain if it is a crossword puzzle.

What does white box with picture in the corner mean?

with a brain

What are some types of things one can do to ensure brain fitness?

Some quick and easy things to ensure brain fitness is to do word searches, crossword puzzles and even Sudoku. Even exercising the body itself helps brain fitness.

What kinds of activities are involved with brain training?

Brain training can be as easy as doing simple tasks, like basic math or crossword puzzles. You can buy a sudoku (number puzzle) book or crossword puzzle book at a local drugstore. Additionally, there are electronic games for systems such as a Nintendo DS that are specifically designed to train your brain. For more information on these, you should check out your local electronics retailer like Best Buy or Gamestop.