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is julia

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Q: What is the answer for What is your mother's maiden name on the Nintendo Wii?
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What is the name of the inventor of Nintendo Wii?

Nintendo wii is how inventor of the nintedo wii

Is there Nintendo revolution?

no that was a rumored name for thi Nintendo wii no that was a rumored name for thi Nintendo wii

Who is said to have invited the Nintendo Wii?

Its in the name! Nintendo

How did the Nintendo Wii get its name?

Nintendo Wanted a name that would stick out from the crowd. The Name wii is also representive of Nintendo's approch of including the whole family. The word "Wii" meaning we all play together.

Are the Wii and Nintendo Wii the same?

Actually, "Wii" is the proper name for the Nintendo's game console. It's Nintendo's first home console without "Nintendo" in name. In other words, it is the same thing just a shorten version

What is the name of the company who makes the Wii?


What is Nintendo Wii in Cantonese?

The answer is 任天堂 Wii. Wii does not have a Chinese name.

Who inventedthe Nintendo Wii?

Nintendo invented the Nintendo Wii.

Where was the Nintendo Wii?

with the Nintendo wii company

What is the best brand Nintendo or Wii?

Nintendo OWNS the wii. that's why its called the Nintendo wii

What was the original code name for the Nintendo Wii?

If you're talking about what the Wii was being advertised as before the final product came out, it was the Nintendo Revolution.

What company made Nintendo Wii?

The Nintendo Wii was made by Nintendo.