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94000130 FCFF0000

B2101D40 00000000

E00000B4 000000EC

00000001 195C0000

BD0200F4 5E6FC70E

8A9CBE06 C662B5F5

5D65DA77 431F462B

5753DA48 75C12F17

5DD7559F 718D4F19

828509CD FAF3D210

393D38A1 54459E6C

D13BB69A A1B921F8

9D94E765 302ECCF3

B3193428 E8025E87

83DAF26A 6A097457

6B7570B3 2203BB69

118DEDD6 F2D20CA6

408E277C AE5713B1

A87BDC0B F28DC745


AC2141C6 1FB6D2EF

B6A879E2 37B94AFA

DE490C2D 92F95736

223B7937 2B1BA63E

7DBEC167 006E4E6B

C32A2FD8 FD182D54

1445EF82 D793BB96

8BD4CE98 A85758D7

EC74D431 26D85409

68A98C29 C1B333EB

D8372D49 062303D5


474E9945 00000000

D2000000 00000000

its long but worth it

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Q: What is the action replay code to get the Hm move waterfall in Pokemon diamond?
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How do you get behind the waterfall on diamond and pearl?

Action Replay.

How do you get snorut in Pokemon diamond without action replay?

Action replay

Where is the action replay in Pokemon Diamond?

Action replay is not an Pokémon item that can be obtained in Diamond.

Can you enter action replay codes without an action replay for Pokemon diamond?


Action Replay codes on Action Replay for Pokemon diamond?

Go to

Can you get Oaks Letter in Pokemon Diamond without Action Replay?

no you have to get is from an action replay or go to a Pokemon event

How do you get a Deoxys in Pokemon Diamond?

action replay

What is action replay in Pokemon diamond?

its a cheat

What is an AR in Pokemon Diamond?

action replay

HOW To get Mewtwo in Pokemon Diamond?

Action replay.

How do you get azareus in Pokemon diamond?

action replay

Where can you get ambosnow at in Pokemon diamond?

action replay