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I do not think there is one, and all the codes for it have been made already. Codes are basically for all the items, pokeballs, medicene, ETC. None for walking through walls or for all pokemon have been made yet, last time I checked the for approved cheats.

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Q: What is the action replay cheat to get any Pokemon in Pokemon heartgold?
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Is there an action replay cheat to make the starter Pokemon on Pokemon HeartGold legendary Pokemon?

yes at heartgold action replay codes

Where can you download cheat to Pokemon HeartGold?

you need action replay.

Is there a cheat to get Celebi in Pokemon HeartGold?

No, not unless you use an action replay

Walk through walls cheat code for Pokemon HeartGold?

do what is the walkthrough walls action replay code for Pokemon heartgold.

Can you get a shinion starter in Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver without migrating?

Cheat using an action replay

How do you cheat with a action replay in Pokemon HeartGold?

Delete EVERYTHING from your bag , then use cheat. [cannot work if you have all16 gym badges]

How do you get the cheat on the action replay Pokemon Heartgold version get all event Pokemon?

You can't You had to get the events at the particular places at the specific times

Cheat in Pokemon?

action replay

What are some Pokemon HeartGold cheats?

I really don't think so. You can only cheat with a action replay I think. Remember I am not to sure.

Can you cheat and catch people's Pokemon with out an action replay?

no you can not its a cheat only for action replay by:grimreaper 1343

What is a Pokemon Ranger cheat for ds with action replay?

there is no cheat...

What is action replay in Pokemon diamond?

its a cheat