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(go to and find the cheats for soulsilver and there near the title should say AR codes so click on it and it will sow Japan cheats and U.S. cheats ad you scroll down and there they are. They do work i have tested most of them. hopes it helps) This is for soulsilver and heartgold. is works. 94000130 fcff0000

b2111880 00000000

e00000a8 000000ec

f3c3ebe2 833a0000

36d561cf 7318c68b

a9b96cc6 094e2355

a0056f71 58071873

bc9e4e7d 0ab3e3b2

308a4293 75d9b090

b42e4fe2 89f40ac5

a8966409 d68615e3

83e76a89 3e18601e

3b39cb7d d3046e54

0c7b2bab 9616eb1f

67c0f662 fd8d87b0

b7d3d6cd 6e7638c7

3c73b4e7 a20a4837

a5928f5a 2c94fe4b

c5008a58 7a3bfdb2

d4f14642 ac58faf1

49c44f16 3769ba94

8df98d06 dee9a39c

1e1370cd bd86df44

f4bc89c4 ee960dae

e31360fa a64c129a

b744acab 0faccbed

e3c83f39 b9de7306

d2d5e043 59edfb0f

47bb8515 e4cb0095

72909c62 45981e5b

9a0f6130 3423bb6a

7fbd6912 efb0a66c

e24ee19d 00000000

e0000194 000000ec

ffaae78e 96900000

aa3730b5 e28944eb

2b189817 5566c396

04867dad 65cdb6e5

b0a2fea5 c1822867

cd337c1c 87444bb0

fe6580ec 93fa12d2

be60778e b18e26b3

baa41254 67180613

047c7587 c5335fce

84be4b63 504bae0e

d6241fab 73f69a81

42dca963 a0a4ca4a

d4c9862e e97f01f3

5a87ed44 345a5e7e

1b35803e 90eaf154

1bbd3e28 5c461f22

b9be1426 6641a8b7

aca08515 f47e01d2

68706e5c d730d61e

23e6c8be 1dfa0ca9

0753f05c 68020fc7

28e82f1d cd8b03cb

1fb8bfe7 43e1c19c

0b5b3758 01e3aacc

361687fa a8c1aae8

b53815b4 3507fa11

abc68c82 fbd974cb

13596e68 38809d14

2f478ca3 00000000

e0000280 000000ec

f7cbefee 8f5c0000

b1bd685a 5c89bcff

0f254797 0b3b404f

89d29787 5516490f

d94b9aac 2e48c3a8

e0dd4a22 1a7710ec

6acff08a db237099

253fe81f fe3cf1a3

1c372d40 db2da3d8

f0a68349 507fa846

1dc189e1 75a98fc3

b9f81131 514396c7

66554d44 d6409356

57b58382 edc55f5b

ae4cf40c 9d824b8b

676ed18d ea58b597

c81b5c27 5d528c6d

6b15a504 b5a57114

917b5470 91a46bb0

dd28c543 3235c805

ae67b6fd 501d2929

e9c42240 0af46acb

118e7525 d77e341e

4bce239f 49f130c5

40747e3c 407002f1

f1770451 31d142ad

f140a576 a4a61e77

9b48a635 127b7113

32ff1bfe bb5b609c

0cef345d 00000000

d2000000 00000000

yes yes i know is long but works (L+R)

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Q: What is the Us ar code for the event shiny Pichu?
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What is an event Pokemon?

A rare Pokemon you can get by going to an event at places such as Gamestop and Toys R Us. Some examples are Arceus, Darkrai, Shaymin, and Shiny Pichu.

Can you get the shiny Pichu and arceus event at Toys R Us in America on July 18 2009 without using the action replay?


Can you get the shiny Pichu and Arceus event at Toy R Us in America on July 18 2009?

Arceus I'm not sure about, but you can get Shiny Pichu, actually known as Pikachu-Colored-Pichu, was available at GameStop from some day in February and up to Valentine's Day. You could only get it for Diamond, Pearl, or Platinum, but if you trade it over to HeartGold or SoulSilver, it unlocks an event in which you meet Notch-Eared-Pichu, whom you can then capture.

Does anyone have an action replay code for the US Gamestop Event which is beginning today of Pikachu colored Pichu for US Diamond or US Pearl?

Not yet because I read it on it comes when Heart gold and Soul sliver come out

When is the next Pokemon event in the US?

the next Pokemon event is jirachi all i kno is that the dead line is July 15 2010 srry

When and where is the Shiny Eevee Event in US?

PVGC were giving them out free at the tournaments

Can people give you shiny Pokemon and where?

if trade someone for a shiny but not in the game (unless you us the action replay for shiny wild Pokemon) (with that code every wild Pokemon will be shiny).

Why cant you find the regis in Pokemon platinum when you have a shiny regigigas lv 99 in your party which is what this person has?

you have to get the regigigas from the toys r us event so you cant get them and the event regigigas wasn't shiny. ya but mine is. ( I asked )

What is the shiny code for the US version of Pokemon Platinum?

12075e52 000046c0 is aweson!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

Does the code for the Japanese event regigigas work on a us game and will it activate the event in platinum?


Will anyone trade you a legit Toys R Us event shaymin for a lv 100 shiny deoxys?

I have many more rare legendaries, just ask if you want something else. My name is Jarad, and my friend code is 2234 6296 5274.

When is the arceus event for SoulSilver in US?

The only special event for Soul Silver in the US (aside from the Pichu and Jirachi events that were for D/P/P and could be traded to HGSS) that has happened so far is the Yellow forest that is currently going. Connect your mystery gift to the Nintendo WFC to unlock Yellow Forest in the Pokewalker.