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For the iPod on Club Penguin you must be in a certain year in the Treasure Book, and you can get a white MP3000. Which is a club penguin version of ipod. You have to buy a club penguin toy at Toys "R" Us or the Disney Store. They are $9.99 each. You must buy one, and use the code during the IPOD CLUB PENGUIN year. Then, you can buy any ipod for non-members and members for free. You get to choose what color. It is in the Treasure Book in the Ipod Club Penguin year. They're actually called MP3000s in Club Penguin. Disney sponsors club penguin. If you go to a Club Penguin Creator, you will just be able to ask him/her to download the item onto your penguin. That is a cheating but really easy way to do it. My friend's cousin used the cheating but easy Club Penguin creator way. I think my friend's cousin's way is better. Sooo, add me on club penguin my username is Dan Blacky. Thanks for searching this Ipod question, bye.

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Dan Blacky

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Q: What is the REAL code ipod on club penguin?
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Is there a code for an iPod on club penguin and what is it?


Club penguin where is the is the iPod 2010?

I got a iPod! Its from a code

Club penguin iPod code?

ok, personally, i have a white ipod on club enguin, but there is no code to get it but penguin storm may let you get it when it's in the catalog.

How do you unlock the IPOD on Club Penguin?

You have to have a code from a club penguin stuffed penguin. Keep buying until you get it. :D

How do you get the iPod on clubpenguin?

You get the Ipod on Club Penguin when u buy a Club Penguin product. There is usually a coin in a box of a product and on the back is a code. Type in the code and u get a code catalog If u get a book, in the back it asks u a question and u have to answer it correctly to get the Cod Catalog

What club penguin code is for the iPod?

Do you mean the Club Penguin Ipod? That's an exclusive item, you could only get that when you buy a Club Penguin toy. With it, there's a code on it. First, you must have a Club Penguin Account. Second, click play. Then, on the top right corner, click that. Then press, I have a code. Then type it exacly what it said on the code. Capitalize the letters. third, it depends on what toy you get, you can unlock two things and use it forever. So if you unlock a cheerleader outfit and pom poms. Ypu get to use it forever. Even if you're a member or not. If you got a series one. You can unlock an ipod. That's an exclusive item.

Where is the ipod on Club Penguin?

To receive the I-Pod for your penguin you must first buy a Club Penguin Toy. On the toy, there is a code. You can use this code to unlock cool items for your penguin. One of these items, is of course, the I-Pod. The Toys are available at Toys "R" Us for $9.99 each! I hope this info helps! You can also find great cheats, regarding how to get the Ipod free at

How do you get iPod on Club Penguin?

you have to buy it at toys r us in real life, that's what unlock items means.

How can you play club penguin on your iPod without cloud browse?

I want to play club penguin

What is the id to to the iPod on Club Penguin?


On Club Penguin how can you get an ipod?

unlock it in the treasure book

How do you get the I-pod on Club Penguin?

if you want the ipod you have to buy a clubpenguin toy. on the toy there is a secrete code on the back. go to clubpenguin .com then go to unlock items, click your penguin . then go to i have a code , type in the code then if you are lucky , the ipod will be in the treasure book that you unlocked.