What is the Pokemon paras?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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it's a bug Pokemon that looks like a crab with mushrooms and evolves to parasect witch is literaly a Pokemon with a giant mushroom.

By the way my party is: Lugia lv 80, arceus lv 100, dialga lv 100, typhlosion lv 80, salamence lv 100 and mewtwo lv 100!

but go to and click in pokedex to know more!

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Q: What is the Pokemon paras?
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What type is the Pokemon Paras?

Paras is the dual Bug/Grass-type Pokemon.

Where do you find paras in Pokemon emerald?

you can't get paras in emerald

Does Paras evolves into on Pokemon platinum?

Paras always evolves into Parasect. i am not quite sure what level it evolves, because paras is not quite my favorite pokemon...

How do you get a paras in Pokemon platinum?

you can get paras at the great marsh after you get the national pokedex

What does paras evolve into in pokemon?

Paras evolves into Parasect, starting at level 24.

At What level does paras evolve in Pokemon?

Paras evolves into a Parasect at level 24.

How do you catch paras in Pokemon diamond?

Migrate from FireRed. It's easier to get Paras in THAT game.

Who is 46 in Pokemon?

Paras in the National Dex

What is a pokemon starting with the letter p?


What Pokemon is number 46 in Pokemon Diamond?

Number 46 is Paras.

What is the national pokedex number for Paras?

Paras is #46 in the national pokedex, and it is a Bug-Grass type Pokemon.

What level does paras evolve in Pokemon fire red?

Paras should evolve in Parasect at level 24.