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I think episode 34 may be wrong im just a begginner on pokemon

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Q: What is the Pokemon episode where Jessie from Team Rocket and Ash's stomachs grumble together?
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What are four sentences for the word grumble?

Don't grumble when you receive a gift."Grumble bumble," the child said. I had to grumble over the pay cut I received. She couldn't grumble when she was let go for stealing money.

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The word 'grumble' is both a verb and a noun.The noun 'grumble' is a word for a mutter in discontent; a word for a rumbling sound; a word for a thing.Examples:My brother will grumble if I change the radio station. (verb)The grumble of my stomach tells me that lunch is past due. (noun)The noun forms of the verb to grumble are grumbler and the gerund, grumbling.

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