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Choose the "AOSS" option, which takes you to the "Wireless Access Point" page. Click the "AOSS" button until the AOSS lamp blinks, directing you to the "Connection Test Screen." Press the "OK" button to start the connection test, which then sends a confirmation if the test is successful or not.

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Q: What is the AOSS button on the Wii console?
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Where is the aoss button on the Wii remote?

There is none.

Where do you find the AOSS button on your PSP PS3 or 3DS when it tells you to press it?

AOSS stands for AirStation One-Touch Secure System. It is a technology developed by Buffalo systems on their wireless routers, and offers a quick and automatic way to connect devices to the network. Your game console may have in its connection options, an AOSS option. Once you select this, it tells you to press the AOSS button. This is not referring to a button on the console, it is referring to the AOSS button on your wireless router. Once you press this button, the router will broadcast a special signal that the console will receive, and then establish the optimum connection. If your router does not have an AOSS button then you can still acces the router by scanning for SSIPs and entering your info manually.

Where is the button on PS3 aoss?

A ps3 does not have a AOSS button the AOSS button is on your wireless routerThe button if available would be on your router and not the PS3 which does not have a router or the router's AOSS button

What button is the AOSS button for playstation 3?

The PS3 does not have a AOSS button

Where is the aoss button ds lite?

There is no AOSS button on the PSVita, the AOSS button is something that is on a specific kind of router. When the PSVita asks you to press the AOSS button, it means that button on the router.

Where is the AOSS button on the psp slimline 3004?

When it asks you to press the AOSS button, it means the AOSS button on your router, if it has one.

Is there an aoss button in the psp?

No there is no aoss button on the PSP, they are on wireless routers.

How do you get aoss?

The aoss is a button called the AirStation One-Touch Secure System that connects devices using Wi-Fi technology. Aoss is already built into new gaming devices like the Play Station 3 and Nintendo Wii.

How do you power on your Wii?

Press the power button on the console, or if you have a Wii Remote connected to the console, the power button on the remote. The power button on the console is located to the top-left of the disk slot, and above the D-Pad on the remote.

Can you use an aoss to the Wii if you have wired internet?

No, AOSS establishes a wireless connection.

Were is aoss button on the PSP?

AOSS is a feature that allows the quick setup of wireless devices and is only applicable to routers. The PSP does not have an AOSS button.

On the Wii Console Virtual Console version of Sonic the Hedgehog 2 what button is supposed to be C on the Wii Remote?

you need the nunchuck!!!!!