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The thing on moowth's head is a coin.

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Q: What is that thing on meowth's head?
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How can you get a lot of rare candy in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Use meowths pick up ability. Make sure meowth is not holding an item and then battle a lot. After the battles meowths pick up ability may pick an item up. Most of the time it will be berries but occasionally you will get rare candies. Phanphy also has pickup. If you have more meowths in your party this will be more effective.

What type of Pokemon is meowth?

i love me some meowths. they are normal types k.

Where do you find ability pick up in LeafGreen?

you can find the ability pick up on meowths.

How do you get meowth?

you haft to go to the Pokemon mansion and one day Backlot will say there is meowths.

What are Meowths moves?

If you actually catch it in silver or soulsilver heartgold,youll find out.All i Know is that when you get him,he will have Bite and Screech.

How do you get 100 rarecandys in Pokemon FireRed?

There is no cheat I am aware of but here is one way to do it... Get 5 Meowths and 1 Mewtwo Level 80+ and teach it Thunderbolt, Psychic, Ice Beam, Shadow Ball and walk around killing random trainers. The Meowths "Pickup" ability will give you random items, including rare candys.

What do you call the thing on top of toad's head?

The thing on top of Toad's head is called a Mush.

What is the thing on the angel's head called?

The thing on the angel's head is called a halo.

Does SteelSeal work on head gaskets?

No you dont put any thing on head gaskets, the thing to do is get a surface grind done on the head and the block if needed.

Who were the black head?

there is no such thing as the black head. But there is a black hand

What is the thing on top of a cockatiels head called?

it is called the crest

What is the animal that has legs on its head?

no such thing