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Apparently, it's a shrine honouring

the 'Original One'. (The Original One is Arceus)

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Q: What is that house in the middle of celestic town on Pokemon?
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What is the house in the middle of Celestic Town for in Pokemon Platinum?

That is for decoration.

How do you catch the Pokemon in the house in the middle of celestic town on Pokemon platinum?

there aren't any Pokemon inside the house

In Pokemon platinum what is that building in the middle of celestic town?

The house in the middle of celectic town is a home of is a home a lengendary Pokemon named latias and latios. by Daniel carreras

Where is the herb house on Pokemon platinum?

In celestic town

What Pokemon is in the house in the middle of celestic town?

That little box thing is a shrine to whom I may think celibi

How do you unlock the small house in the middle of celestic town on Pokemon diamond?

I think it's just a shrine to the legendary Pokemon and that you cannot get into it in any way.

What Pokemon is inside the little house in the middle of Celestic Town in Pokemon Platinum?

AnswerThere is no Pokemon inside that little house in Celestic Town. In fact, it is not a house but a small Shinto shrine which, in Japanese culture, houses the Shinto gods. As Celestic Town is in the very middle of Sinnoh and is surrounded by its legends, the shrine is most likely there to be dedicated to Uxie, Azelf, Mespirt, Dialga and Palkia (with the possibility of Giratina). Since there are ancient cave drawings of those Pokemon nearby, the shrine is most likely dedicated to them. Although the Ilex Forest shrine in Pokemon Gold, Silver and Crystal allowed you to capture Celebi, no Pokemon will appear around the Celestic Town shrine. It is simply there for aesthetic reasons.

How do you get to Cynthia grandmas house in Pokemon platinum?

Go to Celestic town and her house is near to the left of the Pokemon center.

Pokemon platinum in celestic town where does Cynthia's grandmother live?

Cynthias grandmother lives in the largest house in celestic town right above the cave.

What is the gym badge song in Pokemon pearl?

go to celestic town in the middle there is house thing play a song on the badges and celibi wil apeer

Where is the guy who puts Palkia in your pokedex in Pokemon diamond?

He is in the biggest house of Celestic Town.

On Pokemon diamond where is the old lady in Celestic town?

she is in the house that is bigger than the others.

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