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There are a lot of games where you are a blob

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Q: What is that game where you are a blob?
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How do you blob people on Migo Land?

Blob is a game you play on migo land. It costs over 1500 coins.

Where can you get de blob 2?

Game stop and ect.

Is there a game where you battle a blob then a tree a dragon then a angel?


Who wrote the story A Boy and His Blob?

The author who wrote the story A Boy and His Blob was WayForward Technologies and was published by Majesco Entertainment. It is not necessarily a story, but a WII game which has a story in it.

What is the release date of the Boy and his blob?

The release date of the Wii game "A Boy And His Blob was on the 13th of October 2009, developed by Way Forward Technologies and published by Majesco Entertainment.

How do you say you are a pig in french?

French children are taught that pigs say 'groin, groin!' instead of 'oink, oink!'

What did people do during Hurricane Katrina?

blob were bob blob blobabdy blob blob

How do you kill blob in x men origins the video game?

fight him until he dies

What type of bird is the gamecock?

blob is blob and blob.

What is bob the blob?

Bob is a blob, a big green blob

What is the name of this game. came out before 2002 for ps1. it was sort of based on the Zelda and the main character had a pink blob that followed it around.when the blob got stonger it got bigger.?

"A Boy and His Blob?" There's a remake now, so the pictures that show up could be misleading.

Is blob a bad word?

No, it is not. A "blob" is a drop or spot or lump of anything. A blob of INK, a blob of BLOOD, a blob of LARD or a blob of water or just a spot on something, like a blob of dried mustard on a shirt. It is not a bad word. It's in the dictionary.