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If you mean the orange dots that move around a little, then it means that you were there before. If you didn't mean that, then I don't know.


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Q: What is that dot in the Pokemon game maps for?
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What are the dot moving on the town map in the game Pokemon diamond?

there to show where you just came from

Who is the girl in the camper in Pokemon white the one who when you speak with her goes dot dot dot?

She is a Zoroark in disguise. You need to migrate one of the GAME/Gamestop 'crown' legendary beasts from a Gen IV game, to unlock the event.

How many maps are there in Pokemon diamond?

12 maps

What is 12 south 17 east?

maps dot Google dot com tells me it's in the nation of Angola.

What is 12 south and 17 east?

maps dot google dot com tells me it's in the nation of Angola.

Where can you get Pokemon Diamond or pearl for your computer?

Sorry, but you can't get Pearl or Diamond for your computer. But, go to Pokemon Crater dot com ( for a cool game like Pearl or Diamond.

Maps for Pokemon Emerald?

maps come with the pokenav that you get from Devon corperation in rustboro and are usually at the right of Pokemon centers

Pokemon hacked games?

A Pokemon hacked game is simply a hack on an original Nintendo Pokemon game. it can have new Pokemon (fakemon), new maps, new people, ect. A few good hacks to try are: Pokemon Quartz, Pokemon Shiny Gold, and Pokemon Topaz. Also, you will need to download visual boy advance to play it. (Hope it helped).

What is the orange dot on the map in Pokemon platinum?

where you are

Where can catch a legendary Pokemon in Pokemon indigo?

you have to go to maps and search

What does a blackened dot usually represent on a map key?

Black dot typically represents a city on a maps but different maps may represent other things so best to check the map legend.

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Choropleth. Proportional symbol. Isarithmic or Isopleth. Dot. Dasymetric.