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Q: What is somthing you eat that start with l?
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Somthing you eat that start you?

I like pancakes, sausages with cheese and honey with bread.

How to draw a octagon?

------------- / \ / \ l l l l \ / \ / -------------- somthing like that :)

What is it called t eat?

to snack on somthing or to chew somthing and swallow it

Should you eat something?

you should eat somthing

Somthing that you can eat that begins with the letter you?

you can eat a unicorn i think

What present to get a boyfriend?

You should het him somthing that resembles your relationship, or somthing that he cant eat! Get him somthing like cologne. Or perfume, whatev.

What animals eat the Douglas Fur?


What is somthing you eat that starts with j?


What is somthing to eat that starts with r?


How do sharks open their mouths wide enough to eat?

enough to eat somthing

What food do they eat in Moscow?

if somthing happens it wold be

When you eat somthing what are we taking in?

energy and something else!?