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it makes you thinner!

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Q: What is so good about slimming world?
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Can you participate in Slimming World if you are a vegetarian?

yes anyone can do slimming world so veges just don't eat the meat obs =)

When was Slimming World created?

Slimming World was created in 1969.

What is Slimming World's population?

As of 2021, Slimming World reported having over 5 million members worldwide. Their program focuses on weight management through a combination of healthy eating, exercise, and group support.

What is a good name for slimming center?

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How can someone lose the weight in slimming world club?

Losing weight through the slimming world club involves eating healthier. The club assists people in discovering what foods work for them, help them feel good, and keep their weight under control.

Where can I find out more about slimming world?

You can find out more about slimming world on the website The website will give a full explantation of what it means and if you can benefit from it.

What is the latest slimming world password?


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What are good names to name your slimming business?

Your fit you are!

What is a good name for a slimming clinic?

tit hoover

What is the slimming world password for march 2010?