What is shadowrun?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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shadow run started as a pen and paper rpg game in the 1980's its latest edition came out in 2004 in 2007 havoc, fasta studio, and Microsoft game studios made the game for windos and Xbox 360 the story of shadowrun begins in c bc when magic is in the earth 5 races of metahumans (humans with special abilities) 1 is actuly the human but their is elves trolls dwarfs and orcs (orcs were takin out in the video game) the story says that elves were the most found with magic so they felt the end of magic first when magic left the earth the game says "well our ansesters didnt just sit on their ass's when magic left the earth they collected the shadows soo that when magic came back to earth we would be ready"magic did return to earth 5000 years later in 2011 so all people who's ancesters were metahumans became that type of metahuman and the story takes place in Santos brazzil pinning large global companies agienst terrist groups the main teams are RNA global and the Liniage the linage fight for magic to be everyone's and to pressure it and the rna fight to controle it in the game it has a buy menue kindofe like counterstrike but you can by magic and teach abilties the game is vary good i recamend it if you like battle games where you can custimize your charitors abilites you should by it

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Q: What is shadowrun?
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