What is pokemon arctic?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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There is no game, place or Pokemon called artic.

The closest I think is Arceus which is a legendary found in Diamond/Pearl/Platinum.

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Q: What is pokemon arctic?
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Is there such thing as Pokemon arctic version?

no there is not

Is pokemon arctic a real game?

YES!! It is th pokemon game for a nintendo pspwiiphone.

When will Pokemon arctic come out?

in a zillion years losers

Is Pokemon arctic real or fake?

There is no such thing as a Pokemon named Artic however there is an ICE/FLYING Legendary Pokemon called Articuno.

When does Pokemon desert and Arctic come out?

I don't know for sure , but due to pokemon X & pokemon Y, probuly somtime late 2013 or sometime in 2014.

What is Pokemon arctic version?

Pokémon Arctic is a Pokémon game that was unofficial and therefore not endorsed by Nintendo, Pokémon Company or Game Freak however Pokémon Arctic was produced for the Nintendo DS system and Arctic focuses around either Brian or Cynthia as they have adventures in the Tohjo region while battling and catching wild Pokémon, battling the Elite 4 and encountering an unofficial Legendary Pokémon that is called Arcadia.

Is there a Pokemon arctic and dessert version?

No, there will be no official Pokémon Arctic and Pokémon Desert games. Arctic and Dessert are games that were just created as rumors, with those new Pokémon and the box art designs created by a Pokémon fan.

Future Pokemon games?

i think it is Pokemon arctic and desert but there may be a new one before that but arctic and desert come out in 2015 if the world doesn't blow up in 2012 Pokemon black and white then Pokemon ranger tracks of light then a remake of emerald

Where do Arctic dogs live?

well since arctic is in arctic hares, arctic hares live above the arctic circle.

How do Arctic Tern adapt to the Arctic region?

Arctic Tern Adapt By their feathers to Arctic

What region is north of the Arctic Circle?

The Arctic

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Arctic foxes live in the arctic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!