What is pandanda?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Pandanda is a fun game for kids from the ages 8-14. Pandanda is a little bit like Club Penguin. With PandandaMembership (aka Elite), , decorate your treehouse, and have a dragon. The pixelation is better, and its harder to cheat (which, in my opinion, is really great). They have a day called "Free Elite Day!" which is, that only day, when you login, you get to access every elite item. It only happens about once every 3 months, so don't miss out :]. There's questing, and there's a silly person named "Zing Ballyhoo". When he's here, you get to collect 10 tickets. Tickets pop up, like recycle and plants. They have better Easter Egg Hunts than Club Penguin. They have different prizes, too! I'd recommend getting your child Elite Membership.

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Pandanda i a fun social networking social networking site. Where kids have a virtual red panda they use to complete quests and play games.

Pandanda is a fantastic virtual world for kids. Create your very own Red Panda avatar, make friends, play games, go fishing, adopt a pet dragon. There's no limit to the fun you can have in Pandanda so sign up today!

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Q: What is pandanda?
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What is Henry's password in pandanda?


Who created Pandanda?

Sunleaf Studios created Pandanda. If you think that Henry did, then your are incorrect. Henry DIDN'T create Pandanda, he just is a big hit because he was the very first member on Pandanda and he is the boss of the Pandanda Team.

What is the pandanda embed code?

You can't embed Pandanda.

Where did Henry hide the gift for Halloween on pandanda?

at beta pandanda

How do you get good sites like pandanda?

there is not a better site like PANDANDA :D

How do you get free pandanda gold on pandanda?

by doing surveys,watching videos,or doing offers.

Is pandanda safe?

pandanda is the most safest kids site ever and really fun! try it out! on

How do you level you on pandanda?

Complete So Many Pandanda Quests And Get With The Quests Panda Power And Level Up.

What is the code for a gift certificate on pandanda?

5435-3444-7432-2364 i quited pandanda so here

Where are the tickets in pandanda?

The tickets just appear like fruits, trash, etc. You can only get them when Zing is in Pandanda. ~Selena645~

Is there a map on pandanda?

Yes, The Map Is On The Top Of The Screen Of Pandanda It Is Near The Gold Place The Map Icon Is Circle.

What is a Beta on Pandanda?

Beta on pandanda is when everyone can get anything and they don't have to be a member. But, now beta is gone, you have to be a member to get things such as clothes