What is meez com?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Meez is a virtual online world where you can make your own avatar and customize it in your own way. You can chat with people and invite your friends. You use "coinz" to buy clothes, backgrounds, dances, animations.

It is completely free, but there are some premieum items that are "VIP"

"VIP" is a membership that offers more playing options that have to be payed for.

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Q: What is meez com?
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How to unban your meez?

you go to unban your meez .com

Is meez com ok for kids?

kids under the age of 13 are not allowed and if they are exposed there meez will be blocked!

Where is the place haute and bothered in meez. com?

In the Mansion.

How do you get free pizza eyes on meez. com?

It was a gift

Where is the emergency entrance on meez nation at meez. com?

it expired i dont got da link to it but ima look for it

Is there cheat codes for meez. com?

well there is gotcoiz exp July 31st

Were to find on meez. com the guitar animation?

Go to Rock with Bandslam in Uptown

Where in chilvile do you find the dances on meez com?

in baby bling at meez mall there is cupid shuffle for 2000 and lollipop dance for 2,000 ONLY FOR ---- VIP"S

Meez codes for march 2010?

go to blurit it .com and serch on geogle rate my page aayliah2 please and add me as a friend

What are some fun games for girls age 9 like meez?

How do you dance the stankey leg on meez com?

You can dance the stankey leg bye buying it at the heartbroken prom.

Coin download for meez. com?

If you go to go to search "meez" that's where you will find your answer but if you register which is so easy you can do it for free no surveys just for free!-hope this helped-morgan was here =D