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The legendary sword has more than one purpose.

The first thing it does is opens up the plot behind the waterfall. The rocks can be smashed by going up to them and pressing A (I'm not sure if it needs to be equipped) and then it will be open. Other things it can be used for are things similar to a scythe like attacking evil animals and cutting grass.

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Q: What is legendary sword for in harvest moon?
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What does the legendary sword do on harvest moon ds?

The Legendary Sword can fight the Harvest King.

Are there any cheats for A R on Harvest Moon DS about getting legendary sword without completing mine 2?

no. its easy to get to

What level are your to get the legendary sword in harvest moon ds cute?

Legendary Sword is on floor 255 of the Second Mine. Defeat all the monsters on that floor to open the entrance to the sword room. You can not pick up the sword unless all of your Tools are upgraded to Mystril.

What is the last floor in the 2 mine on harvest moon ds?

The last floor in mine two is floor 255. That floor has the Legendary Sword.

How can I get the legendary sword in Harvest Moon DS Cute?

You get it at the bottom of the 2nd mine...then you have to kill all the monsters and theres a room that is blocked by boulders...break them and go in the room and you will find it!

How do you get the legendary sword in harvest moon?

At the bottom of mine 2 (floor 255)you need to kill all of the creatures and then the rock will vanish and there will be a person and a sword you take the sword but you need to have space in you rucksack for it otherwise you need to start from floor 1 HOPE IT HELPED!

How do you break the big rock in Harvest Moon DS?

Depends on which big rock you mean. If you mean the big rock near the waterfall you'll have to get the Legendary Sword at the bottom of the second mine.

How do you use the Legendary Sword in Harvest Moon?

It can be used to cut weeds or defeat the evil monsters in the mines. If you press the 'A' button in front of the rocks either side of the waterfall it will smash the rocks.

How do you find the legendary sword on harvest moon?

At the bottom of the 2nd Mine will see the Legendary Sword. The sword is needed to unlock the Waterfall field, and it is a good item to use for fighting off creatures in the mines. Some people can get the sword right away, other's can't seen to pick it up. You might try when at least 1 of your tools are at a Mystril upgrade level (400%).

How do you slash the rock to get to the hidden cave behind the water fall in harvest moon ds?

Once you have the Legendary Sword from the bottom of the Second Mine, equip it and press the A button and not the usual Y button.

How do you get behind the waterfall in Harvest Moon DS Cute?

You must get the Legendary Sword, equip it, and press the A button while standing in front of the boulder blocking the path. The Sword is at the bottom of the second mine (there are 255 floors). Once you get to the bottom floor defeat all the monsters and you will gain entrance to the Sword room. You will not be able to pick up the Sword unless all your Tools are upgraded to Mystril.

How do you open a cave in Harvest Moon Ds cute?

If you mean mines, just copy and paste this and it will lead you right to where you need to be. The rest of the site also helps you with everything on Harvest Moon Ds cute: do know, that there is a cave behind the waterfall near the mining area and Harvest Goddess Pond. To get back there, you have to destroy the rock with the legendary sword. To get the legendary sword you must get to the bottom of the 2nd mine which is 255 floors. But its easier than it looks. To know how to get the second mine (and the first, third and fourth) just copy and paste the link up there.