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1 gigabyte is 1000 megabytes, so 1gb. is bigger for saving memory

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Q: What is larger for saving memory 1 gigabyte or 1 megabyte?
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Call of Duty 4 -MW Game Saving help I Am Trying To Save Modern Warfare Progress But It Says Insufficient Disk Space Free At least 5 Mb But I Already Have 2 Gb Empty Space In Game drive Any Help?

do you have a hard drive or a memory chip or your data is corrupted see if it is

What technical things do you need for sims 3?

These are directly from EA's Sims website.FOR WINDOWS XPP4 processor with a frequency of 2.0 GHz or equivalent1 GB of RAMVideo card with 128 MB memory, with support for Pixel Shader 2.0The latest version of DirectX 9.0cMicrosoft Windows Vista, Service Pack 2At least 6.1 GB of free hard disk space and at least 1 GB additional space for saving save games and created materials.FOR WINDOWS VISTAP4 processor with a frequency of 2.4 GHz or equivalent1.5 GB of RAMVideo card with 128 MB memory, with support for Pixel Shader 2.0Microsoft Windows Vista, Service Pack 1At least 6.1 GB of free hard disk space and at least 1 GB additional space for saving save games and created materials.Minimum system requirements for Windows computers with integrated graphics: Integrated graphics Intel, GMA 3-Series or newer.Processor Pentium D CPU 2.6 GHz or Core 2 Duo 1.8 GHz or equivalent.0.5 GB additional RAMFOR MAC OS XMac OS X 10.5.7 Leopard or newer orProcessor Intel Core Duo2 GB RAMVideo card ATI X1600, Nvidia 7300 GT or 128 MB of video memory or integrated Intel GMA X3100.At least 6.1 GB of free hard disk space and at least 1 GB additional space for saving save games and created materials.The game is not supported by Mac PowerPC (G3/G4/G5) (PowerMac) or with integrated graphics GMA 950 class.

How many mega bytes are in 250 GB?

Its simple anytime you want to figure out how many MB there are in a certain amount of GB you just know that 1GB=1024 MB. so take 1024 and multiply it by 250 which will give you 256,000MB in 250GB

How many images does an SD card hold?

It depends what the capacity of the SD card is. They come in various capacities rated in megabytes or gigabytes e.g. 256mb or 1gb. It also depends on the size of the image. If you have a high quality camera then you could be saving pictures that are about 2-3mb in size. You can roughly work it out by dividing the capacity of your SD card by 3!

Can you play xbox live on 4gb?

Typically when using an Xbox 360, alot of extra content or dlc is purchased to enhance the gaming experience and memory is needed for that but if you were to only have save files 4gb should be plenty.

Why do dslr require a memory card?

DSLR cameras usually come with a small amount of built-in memory - usually as a space saving mechanism. Memory chips can be quite bulky. A memory card increases the number of photos you can take without having to download them to computer.My own Fujifilm S2750 camera came with approximately 23MB of internal memory. A ONE GB SD card gives me approximately 630 shots !

What is the motto of Gigabyte Technology?

The motto of Gigabyte Technology is 'The Leader in Energy Saving Motherboards'.

What does 1KB egual to?

One kilobyte (kB) is equal to the following:1000 bytes (B)0.001 megabytes (MB)8000 bits8 kilobits (kbit)0.008 megabits (Mbit)

What determines how much ram you can use?

There are four different types of RAM being used or not used... 1...- Free RAM: Lets say there is 600 megabytes of free ram on your mac os x computer. You open up google sketchup 8 and use it. This takes about 500-900 mb of ram and so your computer would be sufficiently slower than if you had 1.5 gb of ram left. 2...- Wired Ram: This is the ram you will NEVER be able to use. IN mac os x (and i believe windows and linux), wired ram is used to save the kernal and all of its processes. For example, my macbook shipped with 2 gb of ram. However, I am only able to use a little less than 75% of actual usable ram (in programs) because 500 or so megabytes are dedicated ONLY to saving the kernal and processes. 3...- Active RAM: The amount CURRENTLY BEING USED. This is important because it helps determine the amount of free RAM on your computer. For example: 2 gb of RAM minus 500 mb of wired ram minus 1 gb of active RAM minus 400 mb inactive RAM equals about 100 mb of RAM left (free ram). This means i have got to be careful which programs I open right now! 4...- INactive RAM: Inactive Ram is NOT free ram. It is used primarily to save processes (temporarily, unlike wired ram) and open programs up faster. For example, on my Mac OS X Snow Leopard computer, it takes about 14 seconds to open up Microsoft word 2008 after a force quit. If I do not force quit it after closing the program, and then open it up again, then MS Word 2008 opens up in 6 seconds! (Most of) This can turn into free ram IF you force quit or stop running programs. Then I bet you your computer will become at least a little faster for the time being. Thanks, -2013 SDA Designers (adrat203), a subsidiary of (c) SDA Enterprises (adrat203)

What are the Battlefield 1942 requirments?

# You will need a good computer for this game. For multi player you will need a fast connection. For some maps on this game, there are helos and planes, you can fly with your mouse + keys, but you can also use a joystick. Very good game. Anymore questions # These are the system requirments for the game-The minimum Requirements are: * Windows XP, ME, 2000, 98 or There is a Mac version of the game. * 500 MHz Processor * 128 MB of Ram * 4x CD drive * 1.2 GB of free hard disk space plus space for saving games * 32 MB video card which supports transform & lighting and with DirectX compatible driver * Sound card required for sound * Keyboard and mouse The Recommended Requirements are: * 800mhz or faster processor * 256 MB of more of RAM * 2 GB of free hard disk space * 64 MB or greater video card * 16x CD drive * Joystick (makes flying a lot easier and makes the game alot more enjoyable but can be played with out) Note: Minimum requirements is what you need to run the game on low settings Recommended requirements are what is needed to run the game smoothly on medium to high. The more your computer exceeds these requirements the faster the game will run and will look more detailed.

How many word documents can you save on a 160GB external hard drive?

160 GB of space for saving just Word documents is a massive storehouse. On average, a six page document saved in Word's 2003 format will occupy 1.1 MB of space - less than one quarter of a song in MP3 format. So if you were to fill up your external hard drive, there would be 148,945 Word documents. I believe that if the document is saved in Word's newer format - XML - than you could probably fit even more in that same amount of space.

Is a 4 GB xbox 360 enough memory?

Yes and no. If you are only interested in only playing and saving games which you buy from shops and not intrested in installing games to your xbox then yes, but if you are intrested in downloading arcade games, game demos or downloading movies to your xbox then you definitely need a bigger hard drive or a large GB USB drive to plug into your xbox.