What is kofi Kingston's finisher?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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his finisher is trouble in paradise

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Q: What is kofi Kingston's finisher?
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When is kofi Kingstons bithday?

Kofi's birthday is on August 14th.

Is kofi Sean kingstons brother and how?

No Sean kingstons brother is angus Kingston

What is Kofi Kingstons Finishing MOVE?

Trouble in paradise

What is kofi Kingstons diet?

Albatross and stormy petrol on a stick.

What is Kofi Kingstons salary?

about 300 or 400 dollars a month.

What buttons do you press to do kofi kingstons SOS on ps3?


When is kofi Kingstons Birthday?

Kofi Kingston was born on August 14, 1981

What are WWE kofi Kingstons specials?

Trouble In Paradise! It's a SICK move! :)

What is kofi Kingstons favorite color?

Orange and Jamaican food.

Who sings kofi Kingstons music?

"Confrontation" by Damian Marley "S.O.S." by Collie Buddz

How do you make kofi Kingston finisher Trouble in Paradise?

Look on a create a finisher website.

How do you perform kofi kingstons SOS on svr 11?

Just stand in front of your opponent when he's standing.