What is king's rock for in FireRed?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Effect: Occasionally causes targets of the Pokémon's moves to flinch.

Secondary effect: Evolves a Poliwhirl/Slowpoke into a Politoed/Slowking (make the Pokemon hold the King's Rock then trade it and it will evolve).

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Q: What is king's rock for in FireRed?
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Where can you get the kings rock in Pokemon FireRed?

you can find a kings rock on seven island in sevault canyon.

Can you get a pollitoed in Pokemon FireRed?

by trading poliwhirl with the kings rock

Where do you get a kings rock in FireRed?

in a item ball on the bottom of 7 island

How do you get kings rock in Pokemon FireRed?

There is one King's Rock to be found in Pokemon FireRed in Sevault Canyon. They can also sometimes be found on wild Pokemon like Poliwhirl.

Where can you get the king's rock in Pokemon Red version?

In the original red there is no kings rock, but in firered you can get kings rock from beating all the trainer tower competitions: single, double, knockout and mixed.

How do you get politoed in Pokemon Pokemon FireRed?

you have to have a poliwhirl and give it a kings rock and then trade it.

Where can you catch a Politoad in Pkemon FireRed?

You can't catch it. You have to have someone trade you a polliwhirl with a kings rock and then you'll have a politoad I found a kings rock on one of the sevii islands..I forgot which one tho I hope this helped you though

How do to get a kings rock in firered?

You can get King's Rock, Metal Coat, Upgrade, and Dragon Scale by beating the Pokemon tower on one of the islands ( not sure which one, to lazy to look).

How can you get golem on Pokemon FireRed?

get a geodude, train it till it evolves in graveler train it till level 40, give it a kings rock and trade it

Navel rock on Pokemon FireRed?

You need the mystic ticket to get to navel rock on firered.

How do you evolve poliwrath in Pokemon FireRed?

Poliwrath is the last form for poliwag if you used a water stone when it was a poliwhirl. However if you have poliwhirl and have it hold a kings rock then trade it it will evolve to a politoed.

Where is Ho-oh on Pokemon FireRed?

either naval rock or just not in firered