What is kh 3d?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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KH 3d is The newest game in the Kingdom Hearts series, and you get to play it on the brand new 3ds which is the 3rd generation in the Nintendo DS, which is now very very old. You get to play as Sora or Riku, and the boss fir sora is Xemnas, Organization XIII leader, and the boss for Riku is Ansem. Ansem is the boss you battle in KH1. This will probably be the best KH game ever!

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Q: What is kh 3d?
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Well no not actually Roxas is still inside Sora so he is still alive also I hope he is in kh 3D or i kh 3 he was shown in kh re:coded last i played it!

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In kh yes because he is one of the main characters and the story usually goes by him SPOILER: but in kh 3D sora and riku are playable characters so you can pick one of there storys i think

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Neku is from The World Ends With You and im sooooo glad hes gonna meet Sora!!!!!!!! In kh 3D

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