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Q: What is it called when two children play together?
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What is it called when you play two string instruments?

When you play 2 instruments together, it is always called a duet, no matter what instrument family they are from. Hope that helped! :)

Did Frida and Benny have any children together?

No. Benny Andersson has three children from his other two marriages, while Frida Lyngstad had two children from her first marriage. They never had children together.

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No, they did not have any children together. Martha had two children by her first marriage.

A is a curved line that connects two or more notes that are the same pitch?

That is called a "tie". It joins the two notes together creating a single sound that lasts the duration of both notes added together.

How many children did Jacob and Zilpah have together?

Jacob and Zilpah (Leah's handmaid) had two children together, Gad and Asher.

What are two persons singing together called?

A duet Is what two people singing together is called.

What children did Julie belafonte have with harry?

They had two children together, David and Gina Belafonte.

Who is the woman that has children by two of the Jackson brothers?

Alejandra G. Oaiaza, she was Randy's girlfriend and they had two children together, Jermaine later married her and they also had two children.

When you add two numbers together the answer is called?

When you add two (or any number of) numbers together, the result is called the sum.

Am am in golf?

When two amateurs play together in a team!

Two or more numbers that are multiplied together are called?

Two or more numbers that are multiplied together are called factors. The solution to a multiplication problem is called a product.

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