What is in the solacean ruins?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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there is a writing that looks like unknown and there is unknown if you catch all unknown go south of veilstone into a cave and you will see a guy talk to him and he will dicover a cave there is uknown ? and unknown !

The Cave guy is I think the __________ Maniac. What I mean by __________ is his name changes. First, he is the Ruin Maniac, then I think the Cave Maniac, then the Tunnel Maniac.

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Q: What is in the solacean ruins?
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Where to find braille wall in diamond?

I am not sure if you mean the Unown wall, but there are Unown ruins (called Solacean Ruins) to the right of Solacean Town

Pokemon 114 in diamond?

Unown, found Solacean ruins, directly east of Solacean Town.

Where do you get the K unown?

spend hours in the solacean ruins

Where do you get defog in Pokemon platinem?

solacean ruins i think

What are the strange symbols in the solacean ruins for?

it is all the unowns telling you something

Where is the solacean ruins in Pokemon platinum?

isn't that obvious its in solaceon town on the right

How do you get to the top entrance of the solacean ruins on Pokemon platinum?

After you have collected all the Unown excluding the "!" and "?" ones, the Ruin Maniac on Route 214 will uncover a room while he is excavating. In this room you can encounter the "!" and "?" Unowns and access the top door of the Solacean Ruins.

What part of sunnyshore city do you get a thunderstone?

why don't you go to solacean ruins to get a fire, water and thunder stone

Where is solacean ruins?

You go right from Solaceon Town, go down a few ledges, and you see a cave entrance. Enter, and, KABOOOM! you're in Solaceon Ruins

How do you get all the unknown in the solacean ruins?

In Pokemon heart gold & soulsilver you must complete all the puzzle and have unlocked all the areas before you are able to get all the unknowns

How do you get to the top part of the solacean ruins?

catch all 26 unknown and go through the ruin maniacs cave when you reach the end you will find the 2 rarest unknown ? !.

Where do you find the Sticker Case in Solacean Town in Pokemon Diamond?

According to bulbapedia: on the way to the Unown Ruins there are 2 houses, in the second house there will be a woman with a sticker case.