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Q: What is in the egg you get at lavaridge town in Pokemon emerald?
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Where is Wynaut's Egg in Pokemon Ruby Sapphire Emerald?

You have to talk to the old woman in Lavaridge Town by the sand.

What Pokemon is in the Pokemon egg that the old lady in lavaridge town?


What does the egg that you get in lavaridge town hatch into in Pokemon ruby?


What does the egg in Pokemon sapphire evolve into?

The Egg that you received from a resident in Lavaridge Town will become a Wynaut.

How do you get wynaut in Pokemon Emerald?

A woman in Lavaridge Town (directly underneath the Hot Springs) will give you an egg containing a Wynaut. Also, if you have the fortune to get to go to Mirage Island, they are found in the grass there.

What is in the Pokemon in the egg in lavaridge in Pokemon?


What is in the egg that you get in lavaridge town?


Pokemon ruby where you get eggs?

The first egg you get will be in Lavaridge town from the old lady in the sand spa. It will be a Wynaut

How do you get wabfet in Pokemon ruby?

to get wabafet, you can either get an egg in lavaridge town, or you can catch one in the safari zone

How do you catch a Wynaut in Pokemon Ruby?

You get a Wynaut egg from an old couple in Lavaridge Town. You can get it commonly on Mirage Island.

How do you catch an Wabbufet Pokemon ruby edition?

you have to go to the safari zone between fortree and lillycove or evolve the wynaut you receive in an egg at lavaridge town

How do you get Wynut on Pokemon Emerald?

2 ways go to to lavaridge town and talk to the old timers and the old lady will give u an egg 2nd way is to go to mirage island ... talk to the old guy in sootpolis in the house farthest to the right and go there